Companies, Businesses and their Managers and Owners

If you are a business or company or the manager or owner of a business or company you will, from time to time need the help of lawyers who can give you commercially relevant and cost effective advice and assistance. We have the experience needed to offer you just such advice and assistance in the areas of the law that can impact on your business or company or on you as its manager or owner.

Commercial Property: You can look to us for advice if you are an owner, buyer, developer, landlord or tenant of property or if you lend money on the security of property. Our experience covers the creation and enhancement and the management of property investments, the sale and purchase of property, lettings, development, site assembly and planning advice.

Company and Commercial:
 We deal with all types of company and commercial matter and we can advise you from start-up to disposal, including on the incorporation of a company or a limited liability partnership and on the drafting and amending of its constitution. We can advise you on the creation of a partnership or joint venture, on the acquisition, disposal and merger of a business or a company. We can draft an agency, distribution or business format franchising agreement for you or your business's standard conditions of purchase or of sale or supply and a license or assignment of intellectual property. 

 We can advise you on employment law, including on your recruitment procedures, on the avoidance of discrimination, harassment and unfair dismissal claims, on the preparation and operation of whistleblowing, anti-bribery, redundancy, grievance and disciplinary and dismissal procedures and on the protection of employment upon transfers of undertakings. We can also draft staff manuals and service agreements for senior employees and executive directors and standard conditions of employment for more junior employees.

 If you are faced with the threat that a former employee may misuse your business's secrets or compete against you in breach of the covenants in his contract of employment we can take action by applying to the court for an interim order to prevent this pending a full hearing of the dispute between you and your former employee.

Insolvency and restructuring:
 If you are a sole trader, a partnership, a company or a limited liability partnership we can advise you on insolvency, debt problems and restructuring. If you are a director of a company in financial difficulties, we can advise you on your duties if the company is in financial difficulties and, in particular, on how to avoid disqualification as a director or conduct that could render you liable to contribute to the company's assets on its insolvent winding up.

 If you are planning a venture overseas or you are in dispute or in negotiations with an overseas partner, supplier or customer that requires you to seek local legal advice, as members of the Association of Independent European Lawyers (AIEL), we can offer you access to English speaking lawyers overseas.

Litigation and dispute resolution:
 We can advise you on disputes in a wide variety of areas. We have a particularly strong reputation in property and employment litigation.


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